NOLA Coalition Releases Update of Action Platform

Today, the NOLA Coalition released an updated platform of actions to create a safer and more prosperous New Orleans for all residents. The diverse group of over 530 business and nonprofit members, representing thousands of employees, will continue to support near-term actions to reduce violence, paired with social services to drive generational change. The changes to the platform acknowledge progress made over the past eight months, while identifying needed new areas of focus, such as victim advocacy and support.

The NOLA Coalition applauds passage of critical public safety tactics by the Mayor and Council, called for in the original platform.  The Coalition now urges quick and effective implementation of these policies, so the City can significantly reduce violent crime.  These include using additional funding to enhance NOPD recruiting and retention, implementation of the District Attorney’s “Special Prosecution Unit,” utilizing technology per the revised ordinance, increased civilianization, support for youth, and additional priorities listed here.

“The NOLA Coalition is a group of unprecedented diversity, but with a singular mission of supporting New Orleans,” says Michael Hecht of GNO, Inc., one of the organizers of the Coalition.  “We are proud of the progress we have made over the past six+ months, but clearly, we need to redouble and refocus our efforts to continue improvement.  This refresh of the NOLA Coalition platform represents our next iteration of critical priorities.”

The NOLA Coalition has a two-plank, concurrent plan to build a safer New Orleans:

  1. Public Safety – Near-term actions to reduce violence and increase public safety
  2. Investment in Youth Services – The creation of a $15M program, distributed over 3 years, aimed at strengthening social services to support our youth, and drive generational change

“I applaud the work accomplished so far by the NOLA Coalition,” said Richard Cortizas, Partner and Chief Diversity Officer at Jones Walker.  “By keeping a steady focus on public safety enhancement and continuing to be a strong platform for our citizens – we will undoubtedly win this fight, on behalf of our community for years to come.”

The NOLA Coalition platform has now been updated to include key additions:

PLATFORM ADDITIONS (complete platform here)

NOPD Recruitment and Retention

  • Hire permanent NOPD Chief – Ensure national search process is transparent, includes stakeholder input, a community search committee, and yields highest-quality candidates
  • Redouble efforts on recruitment and retention to reverse loss of officers.  Set goal of 150 annual new hires, with attrition reduced to 10%


  • Secure and implement additional proven technology tools, including crime cameras and license plate readers
  • Electronic monitoring should be scaled to all adult and juvenile released pre-trial defendants who pose a significant public safety threat (per severity of the offense or criminal history)
  • Hire Senior Technical leadership to NOPD (i.e., CTO), JC, CDC

Accountability for the Entire Criminal Justice System

  • Support effectiveness the DA office
    • Implement “Specialized Unit of Prosecutors,” that Council has agreed to fund
    • Focus on staffing levels, efficiency, training + consistency
    • Ensure transparency with, and action based on, results (e.g., plea/down charge/adjudication results)
  • Achieve more visibility on court activity (CDC and Juvenile); consider Courtwatch help
  • Make public data + dashboards
    • Add attrition data
    • Add reasons for attrition
    • Track impact of “retention” bonuses in terms of attrition
    • Track progress on implementation of policies
  • Support efforts to comply with Federal Consent Decree, in order to continue to improve NOPD, while moving towards release from Decree

Violence Prevention

  • Implement Violence Prevention Alliance, in partnership with City
  • Ensure cooperation, efficiency and non-duplication amongst services
  • Ensure effectiveness of NORD (e.g., opening pools in summer)
  • Support rapid implementation of humane and effective homelessness policy

Victim Advocacy

  • Ensure support for victims of violent crime to receive timely information and service
  • Ensure victims have timely and accurate access to all court information and proceedings
  • Support smart victim advocacy legislation
  • Partner with organizations victim advocacy like Crimestoppers and SilenceIsViolence

Investment in Youth Services

  • Add “Parent Service Organizations” as eligible to receive funds
  • Begin reporting on uses and impacts of funds in June 2023
  • Help promote best-practice models and organizations

“The NOLA Coalition continues to grow and demand a safe New Orleans,” said Greg Rusovich, CEO of Transoceanic Development.  “We take pride in, and applaud the adoption by city officials of key crimefighting strategies called for last year by our diverse coalition, and we urge full implementation of policies passed. In order to make our community a safe place to live, work, and raise a family, the coalition now urges the adoption of several critical new strategies under these refreshed planks.”

The NOLA Coalition remains committed to making significant and sustained business and philanthropic investment in proven community-based youth service organizations, to help them grow their impact and drive generational change. Nearly $5.5M has been raised to-date from the business and philanthropic community of Greater New Orleans.

“NOLA Crime Coalition represents the best in the City of New Orleans – diverse members of the community coming together in a non-partisan manner to address the critical issues of decreasing crime in the city and improving our city, particularly to improve conditions for our youth,” said Kim Boyle, Partner at Phelps Dunbar.  “Our community truly came together to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina, and the members of the Coalition are similarly dedicated to working together to decrease crime and improve our city.  Now at its one year mark, the Coalition is now implementing its new action goals and continuing to broaden its membership to ensure that all voices in our community are at the table in addressing this critical issue of crime.  I am so proud to be a part of the Coalition.”

Individual donations to the initiative are accepted, and can be made directly online.