NOLA Coalition Recognizes Dramatic Decrease in Violent Crime

Four major categories of crime have declined an average of 55%

From its founding in the summer of 2022, the NOLA Coalition has grown to be one of the largest and most diverse civic-action groups in New Orleans history.  Now with over 575 nonprofit and business organization members, the NOLA Coalition is united by a shared mission:  Harness our collective resources to create a safer and more prosperous New Orleans for all residents.  The NOLA Coalition has a dual platform of action:  near-term actions to reduce violence, paired with investment in youth services to drive generational change.

With this mission in mind, the NOLA Coalition is pleased to recognize, as reported in, that “Violent crime is plummeting in New Orleans.”  When the NOLA Coalition was founded in July of 2022, violence and loss were at record levels.  Since that time, significant improvements have been made:

  • Homicides have declined 43%
  • Shootings have declined 43%
  • Carjackings have declined 75%
  • Armed Robberies have declined 57%

The four major categories of crime have declined an average of 55%.  The decline in murder is over double the national rate of decline.

Further, NOPD recruiting has stabilized, with 2023 marking the first year since 2019 that officer levels have increased, thanks to improved recruiting and reduced attrition.

“Thanks to the work of all the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department we have implemented strategies that are precision-based, evidence-supported and holistic,” said NOPD Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick.  “Thank you New Orleans for supporting and championing team NOPD!”

The NOLA Coalition expresses its gratitude to the many individuals and organizations who have helped drive this improvement, including the Mayor, the City Council, the NOPD, the District Attorney, the Sheriff, and many other civic and nonprofit organizations.  Further, the NOLA Coalition recognizes the support of the Governor in helping to sustain improved safety.

The NOLA Coalition is proud that its diverse membership has played a substantial role in driving this positive change, including:

  • Successful advocacy for a national search for the new NOPD Superintendent
  • Working with the Mayor and City Council, support for millions invested in additional pay, bonuses, and retention measures for officers and leadership
  • Additional support for new equipment for NOPD, including vehicles, safety equipment, and technology
  • Continued support of civilianization measures, like On Scene Services, which reduce the need for commissioned officers to attend non-injury traffic accidents

Further, thanks to the generosity of the corporate and civic community, the NOLA Coalition has raised over $8 million towards its $15 million goal for investment in youth service nonprofits, which has supported over 5,500 youth to-date.

The above progress notwithstanding, we must not forget that violence is still significantly higher than in 2019, with homicides 32%+ greater, carjackings 35%+ greater.  Clearly, we still have work to do.

“The NOLA Coalition’s work since its founding in the summer of 2022 shows what New Orleanians can accomplish when we all come together and work together to better our community,” said Kim Boyle, Partner at Phelps.  “However, while there has been a significant decline in violent crimes in our city and marked improvement in NOPD recruitment, much work remains to be done.  The NOLA Coalition invites everyone to participate and have a voice in this important work to make New Orleans a safe city for all, and to ensure that our young people have positive opportunities moving forward.”  

With this in mind, the NOLA Coalition is evolving its agenda for 2024, with a heightened focus on youth services.  Specifically, the NOLA Coalition will be:

  • Enhancing economic opportunity for New Orleans young people, by connecting them to well-paying jobs
  • Strengthening the local nonprofit youth service ecosystem, by providing access to funding, technical assistance, and enhanced coordination
  • Continuing to raise the remaining $7 million commitment for youth services

Major local investors in New Orleans youth services to-date include:  IMTT, Palmisano, Latter & Blum, Entergy New Orleans, T. Parker Host, Gulf Coast Bank, GNOF, Boh Bros., Methodist Health System Foundation, the Rusovich Foundation, and over 30 additional funders.

“As a lifelong advocate for New Orleans’ youth, I have witnessed the tragic loss of too many young lives to violence,” said August J Collins, Sr., YEP Outreach & Engagement Coordinator.  “We must prioritize and increase the investment in our children if we want a brighter tomorrow.”

  • You can see the NOLA Coalition Year One Grant Report here.
  • Donations to the NOLA Coalition Youth Services Fund can be made here.
  • You can join the NOLA Coalition at